Sincere supply Substitution Degree 80% Hydroxypropyl Chitosan

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CAS No.:
Other Names:
Place of Origin:
Shaanxi, China
Antioxidants, Nutrition Enhancers, Preservatives, Thickeners
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Hydroxypropyl Chitosan
Cosmetic/Food/Medicine Grade
1 Kg
Light yellow to off-white granular or powder
PH Value:
Shelf Life:
2 Years
Mesh Size:
100% through 80 mesh
1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg
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Sincere supply Substitution Degree 80% Hydroxypropyl Chitosan

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Chitosan

Other names: N-(2-Hydroxypropyl)chitosan

CAS Number: 104673-29-2

Grade: Cosmetic/Food/Medicine Grade
Appearance: Light yellow or off white granular powder

Hydroxypropyl Chitosan is a type of Chitosan derivative with good water-soluble property modified from a Chitosan. The aqueous solution of hydroxypropyl Chitosan is neutral and this Chitosan has good emulsifying, antibacterial, hygroscopic, moisturizing and bacteriostatic properties and good surface activity, etc. It is mainly used as a cosmetic moisturizer, especially in lotions. Hydroxypropyl Chitosan can also be used as delivery agent for sustained drug release, preservative for fruit and vegetable, flocculating agent for sewage treatment, and papermaking additive.

1. Used in cosmetics, moisturizing lotion, shampoo, facial cleanser, mousse, shower gel, hand sanitizer and perfumed soap.

2. Used for preservation of food, fruits and vegetables, sustained drug release, moisture of agricultural and forestry soil, and sewage treatment in environmental protection as well as other fields.

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